The ex-leader of Syrian Kurds released by the court on freedom, left the Czech Republic

© AFP 2018 / Betrand LangloisЭкс-the leader of the Syrian Kurds Salih Muslim. Archival photoThe ex-leader of Syrian Kurds released by the court on freedom, left the Czech Republic© AFP 2018 / Betrand Langlois

The ex-leader of Syrian Kurds Saleh Muslim who was detained in Prague by Interpol at the request of Turkey, but released by a local court on freedom, left the Czech Republic, told reporters Wednesday his lawyer Miroslav Krutina.

Prague city court at a meeting on Tuesday decided to release the detainee in Prague on Sunday, the former head of the party of the Syrian Kurds «Democratic Union» Salih Muslim, on the condition that it will not avoid further court sessions in the trial and not leave the territory of the EU. Ankara accuses the Muslim involvement in international terrorism and calls for his extradition.

«Salih Muslim, a rich program of presentations and meetings with politicians in various countries, which will discuss the fight against «Islamic state»* (terrorist group ISIS* banned in Russia) and the situation of Kurds in Syria. Detention in Prague a bit disturbed at the program of the Muslim. But, in any case, he remains on the territory of the European Union», — said the lawyer.

The liberation of Muslim Prague court has caused outrage in Ankara. Vice-Premier of the Turkish government, Bekir Bozdag said that the Czech Republic such actions supports terrorist organizations, the Turkish foreign Ministry sent a protest note to the Czech colleagues. In response, the Czech depodesta in a statement denied the allegations of Ankara’s support for terrorism and referred to the independence of their judiciary.

In protest against the detention of a Muslim in a number of European countries as well as in Canada have held rallies with the participation of the Kurds.

The Ministry earlier this month included a Muslim on the list of particularly dangerous criminals. He is accused of attempt against the integrity and unity of Turkey, as well as several other serious crimes. For assistance in the capture of a Muslim, the Agency announced a cash reward of 1 million dollars.

The party «Democratic Union» is considered one of the branches of the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party. As terrorist organizations look to the United States and the European Union. Salih Muslim, left his post as co-Chairman of the «democratic Union» last year, but kept it a big impact.

* Banned terrorist group.