The experts said, is how to regulate drones in Russia

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Regulation of drone flights in Russia should not be overly rigid and prevent the model airplanes, «Hobbesian» and children, said the aviation expert of the Interdepartmental expert Council Victor Galenko.

The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation at the moment is preparing the documents on legal regulation of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the country. In particular, the Ministry expects to adopt prior to the world Cup 2018 bill, which allows to shoot down drones in zones of prohibition or restriction of flights.

Also preparing a draft government decree on approving the order of registration of civil UAVs. The project envisages that the owners of drones with a maximum takeoff weight of 250 grams to 30 kilograms within the prescribed period after the purchase will have to put them on record.

According to Galenko, in Russia there are about 500 thousand of drones weighing up to 5 kilograms (therefore not requiring certification). Of them potentially dangerous it is possible to call more than 60 thousand, the others are not considered (toy UAV UAV for indoor, sports and model aircraft). «Moreover, such «potentially dangerous» drones in the restricted areas simply does not fly in due to the limitations of producers,» he said.

Hitting even a light drone in the engine of the plane, of course, can lead to a dangerous incident. «It could mean a serious risk, leaving the blades of the engine deformed, until the threat of fire or explosion,» said Galenko.

«Another thing is that the likelihood of a dangerous incident for this reason, the infinitely small, as evidenced by the world experience,» — said the expert.

However, in his opinion, the regulation of this industry is directed primarily against Amateurs, the owners of hobby drones, which any damage to the aircraft can cause just can’t.

«Several legislative initiatives are surprising. For example, in U.S. now in question about the cancellation of the most frankly ridiculous laws in terms of restrictions, which were adopted «on emotion» and without considering the opinion of the professional community», — he said.

Legislative initiatives at the same time do not interfere with the ingress to the market of potentially dangerous drones. «For example, custom blocks shipping from China «toy drones» and drones «potentially dangerous» openly sold not only in Internet shops and any shopping center, but also in ordinary stalls. The FSB, the interior Ministry should deal with those who are using these drones may present a terrorist threat, but not just the fans,» said Galenko.

CEO of the Association of operators and developers of unmanned aircraft systems, a member of the working group AeroNet Gleb Babintsev added that 90% of owners of expensive drones — from 1000 Euro and higher — so value their vehicles, which «will never climb in any restricted area».

«Many drones operate via the Internet, all the data of «no-fly zones», including the Russian «zapretku» and airports entered by the manufacturer and is constantly updated. That is, if FSB, FSO, MVD or any other body, really would need a database, the areas of flights and the number of owners of the drones, the manufacturer could easily provide them on request, or even introduced to control their products through the Internet in online mode,» — said Babintsev.