The Holy sepulcher is opened after three days of Church protest

© RIA Novosti / Artur Gabdrakhmanovich Church of the Holy sepulchre in Jerusalem. Archival photoThe Holy sepulcher is opened after three days of Church protest© RIA Novosti / Artur Gabdrakhmanov

Largest Christian denominations in Jerusalem opened on Wednesday morning, the Church of the Holy sepulchre, ending a nearly three-day protest against plans of the municipality to impose the Church property tax.

The keepers of the Shrine, restored the access of pilgrims to the places of execution, burial and resurrection of Jesus, after the Israeli authorities expressed readiness to start negotiations on the settlement of the dispute about the suspension of tax collection.

To open the door came the representatives of the Greek Orthodox, Armenian and Catholic churches, which together governed the Church of the Holy sepulchre. These three denominations have initiated a protest, refusing to obey the request of the Jerusalem municipality about payment of a tax on all property, except actual houses of worship. It is estimated that the total debt of the churches before the city budget is in excess of 186 million dollars, the mayor’s office put them of the penalty for prior years and began to arrest Bank accounts.