The number of billionaires worldwide in 2017, increased by 437 persons

© Fotolia / Romolo TavaniДеньги. ArchiveThe number of billionaires worldwide in 2017, increased by 437 persons© Fotolia / Romolo Tavani

The number of billionaires worldwide in 2017, increased by 437 people and reached 2 thousand 694, it was a new record, according to a published report research organization «Huzun» (Hurun Research Institute), annually forms the list of the wealthiest people in the world.

The richest man in the world named the CEO and founder of Internet companies Jeff Bezos with a fortune of 123 billion dollars, in second place the American businessman, the head of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett with 102 billion dollars, the founder of Microsoft bill gates with a fortune of 90 billion dollars was this time on the third line. Followed by the Creator of social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg (79 billion dollars), the top ten also includes former new York mayor, founder and owner of the news Agency Bloomberg, Michael Bloomberg, whose fortune is 49 billion dollars.

China continues to lead in the number of resident billionaires, and its isolation from other countries on this indicator is becoming more important. According to the Institute, in the US, home of 571 billionaire, while in China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), the number was 819, 210 more than a year ago. According to the Institute, in total share of China and the U.S. accounted for more than half of all billionaires in the world. Only in Beijing, the so-called capital of billionaires, their number is 131, and in new York city — 92.

The richest resident of China and Asia became the founder of the telecommunications company Tencent Pony MA (MA Huatan), his fortune reached $ 47 billion.

Good last year was for India, which has surged to third place in the rating with 131 a billionaire in fourth place in the UK, where there are 118 billionaires, the fifth — Germany with 114 billionaires.

Russia is in seventh place, the country is currently home to 71 billionaires in Moscow — 62. According to the research organization, the most lucrative area for Russian billionaire remains energy and metallurgy, the General condition of the Russian billionaires is estimated at 318 billion dollars. The richest Russian, according to «Hujung», became Chairman of the Board of Directors, the General Director of JSC «Severstal» Alexey Mordashov with a fortune of $ 20 billion.

It is noted that women make up 15% of all billionaires, their share remained at the same level as last year, although the number has increased from 152 to 184. The most wealthy woman in the world remains the 68-year-old daughter of the founder of the supermarket chain Wal-Mart and heiress of the largest trading Corporation Alice Walton with a fortune of $ 48 billion.

Age 85 billionaires under 40 years, with 47 of them earned their own status. The youngest representative of the list is the Norwegian Alexandra Andresen — just 21, but his fortune in 1,3 billion dollars she inherited from her father, while the youngest billionaire who made his fortune by $ 1.2 billion on their own, recognized as 27-year-old American and Irish entrepreneur John Collison, who founded Stripe payment system.

The rating is based on calculations in US dollars. The report reflects the situation on 31 January 2018.