The U.S. Supreme court allowed indefinite arrest of migrants before deportation

CC BY-SA 2.0 / Brian Carpani / Wichita PDАвтомобиль police in the United States. Archival photoThe U.S. Supreme court allowed indefinite arrest of migrants before deportationCC BY-SA 2.0 / Brian Carpani / Wichita PD

The U.S. Supreme court on Tuesday adopted a decision, which can lead to unlimited terms of imprisonment of immigrants whom U.S. authorities want to deport.

Supreme court by five votes to three, reversed the decision of the lower court, which is obliged to consider bail those migrants, at the expense of whom a deportation decision is not taken after six months of detention. As expected, for this decision voted five judges-appointees of Republican presidents were against three appointees of Democrats, a judge from the liberal wing did not vote.

The Supreme court returned the case to the district court, demanding clarification of whether the U.S. Constitution hearing on bail for detained migrants. In the US the right interpretation of the Constitution holds both the Supreme court and the Federal courts, although the final word rests with the highest authority.

Initially the suit was filed by the influential public organization American civil liberties Union (ACLU), which stated that detention of illegal migrants without the possibility of bail violates the rights of prisoners.

The administration of Donald trump for a year and announced a series of measures to tighten immigration policy.