Ukraine wants to ban the import of agricultural fertilizers from Russia

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in fotoannunci the guard. Archival photoUkraine wants to ban the import of agricultural fertilizers from Russia© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine intends to make mineral fertilizers produced in Russia, the list of prohibited to import to the Ukrainian market, said first Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Ukrainian Ministry of economic development, Stepan Kubiv.

In the spring of 2017 Ukraine imposed anti-dumping duties in the amount of 31.84% on the import of two types of Russian nitric fertilizers — carbamide and carbamide-ammonia mixture (CAS). According to Ministry of economy of Ukraine, at the time of imposition of the customs duties of the Russian Federation was the main supplier of nitric fertilizers in Ukraine with a share of 80-90% of the total. Earlier, the authorities announced the intention to diversifitsirovat supply of nitrogen fertilizers to reduce dependence on imports from Russia.

Kubiv at a government meeting on Wednesday said that Russian fertilizer after the introduction of anti-dumping duties continue to enter the Ukrainian market via Belarus and other CIS countries. He said that in this connection it is planned to make the Russian fertilizers in the list of goods prohibited for import to the territory of Ukraine.

«Codes (goods prohibited for import into the customs territory of Ukraine — ed.) we will change, expand, in order to minimize the flow of illegal way to those of mineral fertilisers, which are particularly important for a sowing campaign», — said Stepan Kubiv at a government meeting, which transmits the website of the Cabinet.

He also said that the government keeps under control the issue of extending the anti-dumping duties against Russian goods, the validity of which истекае18 APR.

Ukraine in 2014 has imposed five-year anti-dumping duties on imports of Russian fertilizer, but it applies only to ammonium nitrate. Rates were set at 20,51-of 36.03%. Russia contested this decision in the WTO. However, Ukrainian farmers have shifted to urea and urea-ammonium nitrate — other types of nitrogen fertilizers imported from Russia.