Ural scientists have improved the standard of determining the purity of substances

© Photo : courtesy of Restandardisation one kilogramUral scientists have improved the standard of determining the purity of substances© Photo : provided by Rosstandart

Ural scientists have perfected the most accurate in Russia, the benchmark for determining the purity of solid pure inorganic substances, told RIA Novosti in Rosstandart.

«The Ural research Institute of Metrology (UNIIM) of Rosstandart improved the state primary standard units of mass (molar) fraction and mass (molar) concentration of components in liquid and solid substances and materials based on coulonometric. The standard has the highest accuracy in the Russian Federation», – stated in the message.

As said the office, located in the Ural Institute of Etalon provides a traceable chemical, nuclear, food, metallurgical and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to him, achieved the accuracy and unity of measurements of purity of chemical reagents, components of certain medications.

«The standard represents a complex of three reference installations that implement high-precision instrumental physico-chemical methods – coulometry and mass spectrometry. The measurement capabilities of the standard are important in determining the content of heavy metals in air, water and food products, uranium and plutonium in nuclear fuel, and chemical composition of other vitally important facilities,» – added in Department.

As told by the scientist-Keeper of the Etalon, head of laboratory of FGUP «UNIIM» Alena Sobina, quoted Rosstandart, the improvement of the standard complements its setting, implementing one of the modern high-precision instrumental methods of analysis — method of mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma. This allowed us to derive a benchmark for a new level of information about the pure substance and its chemical composition.