Viktor Sukhorukov explained why the Russians are aggressive

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in fotoboeken Viktor Sukhorukov in the scene. Archival photoViktor Sukhorukov explained why the Russians are aggressive© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator the image Bank

Actor Viktor Sukhorukov in an interview with Lithuanian news portal Delfi, spoke about the patience of the Russian people and circumstances that can trigger aggression.

Talking about the role in the TV series «the Teacher»: the character, played there Sukhorukov, remember the phrase «Russian people are always ready to suffer, the question is — how». According to the actor, the Russian can endure a lifetime.

«And it is not the bare words. What is patience? This expectation, nosnost, understanding that everything passes, even as he said king Solomon a long time ago. Even when Russian people get into fights, die and rise again — again he will tolerate in the hope of a better life. And when I hear that Russian people aggressive is not true. So he tries to defend himself. If he is aggressive, then the world is,» said the actor.

According to him, the cause of the aggression — the people who create such circumstances that you have to back up.

Earlier, the resonance was caused by words of Aleksey Serebryakov, who said that Russia’s national idea is «in force, arrogance and rudeness».

Criticizing the position of the actor who in 2012 emigrated to Canada, made many of his colleagues. So, directed by Vladimir Bortko called the behavior of the actor «illogical and mean,» and Andrei Konchalovsky stated that the point of view Serebryakov makes him only sympathy. At the same colleagues emigrant Alexey Panin, Rostislav Khait agreed with his words. According to one of the creators of «Quartet And» the country «a lot of rudeness, arrogance and the desire to exercise power.»