Weekends in Moscow parks: concerts, ski race and the quest for the day of the writer

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in foobarcontroller on the Ice rink in Sokolniki Park. Archival photoWeekends in Moscow parks: concerts, ski race and the quest for the day of the writer© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

Parks of Moscow is traditionally prepared for its visitors an interesting entertainment program for the weekend: this Saturday and Sunday, residents of the capital will be able to listen to a concert of ancient music at the Palace in the Museum-reserve «Tsaritsyno», to participate in the ski race, the literary quest for the Day and visit many other entertaining events, reported in a press-service «Moorpark».

This winter in Moscow, including in parks has opened more than 1.4 thousand rinks with both natural and artificial ice, and the length of equipped ski slopes amounted to 735 miles. As previously said in «Moorpark» free ice skating in the parks «Krasnaya Presnya», where, in particular, they can be rented in the Park on Olonetsky proyezd, in the estate «Lyublino» in the Park Severnoye Tushino and Sokolniki. Round the clock free work rollers in Perovsky Park (in the Park there is also a paid rink), in the Park by the ponds «Raduga» in the Park of Northern river station.

Ski race and literary battle

As told in «Moorpark», for lovers of active holidays in the Fili Park on 3 March will be held sports festival «ski Track is calling». 12.00 everyone will be able to join a team and participate in the ski race. It’s time to organize a show program with the performance of the professional skiers, as well as master classes in cross-country skiing on short, medium and long distances.

After completion of the race will take place rewarding of winners and prize-winners in different nominations. Also for visitors to the Park will operate an entertainment area with animators, who will conduct contests, quizzes and games, and will finish a sporting event with a disco which will start at 16.00.

Residents who prefer a weekend of intellectual leisure will be able to participate in the literary quest, «a Wonderful page», it will be held March 3, at 13.00 in the Park of victory on Poklonnaya hill, followed by a quiz «What? Where? When?» timed to the world day of the writer.

The participants of the quest will offer «a message to the readers of the XXI century from authors of the past centuries»: the teams will receive route sheets, indicating the stations which are encrypted, task, or puzzle that must be solved to reach the final point. Wins the one who first will find a letter from the past. In the quest, participants have to recall the fable, the tales of Anderson and Charles Perrault, the classics of literature and modern authors. At the end of the quest everyone will be able to take part in literary quiz. The first phase will be devoted to Russian and world classics and the fairy tales, and the third works by children’s authors of the Soviet period.

All will work in place of Korney Chukovsky, where visitors can be photographed with a Crocodile Krokodilovich in a purple coat and a Sink.

Those who wanted to demonstrate their writing talent, will be able to participate in the contest of improvisation «We are looking for talents», which will be held at the manor «Kuzminki-Lublin», March 3, at 13.00 in the Central square. Anyone can take part in the literary «battle», which will be the first qualifying stage in a cycle of competitive events. The contestants will have to go on stage, where there will be a shelf with various books, the host will call a random page from which the competitor will begin their reading, and depending on the theme of the book the presenter asks the reading of a certain style. The most impressive performances will be rewarded with diplomas, and the contestants invited to participate in the next round.

Competitions for the whole family and the music of Bach

Izmailovsky Park has prepared for its guests, sporting events and art exhibition. Since March 3, in the pavilion «Art Park» at 17.00 opens the exhibition of the artist Igor Terekhov «the Sustainable imbalance», which will showcase his abstract paintings. Works today are exhibited in the Russian Museum and in private collections in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, Singapore and Japan. The exhibition will be open from 4 to 25 March, work — from Wednesday to Sunday, from 12.00 to 20.00. The next day in the pavilion will show the film «Portrait of the artist’s wife», set in 1981 by Director Mr. Alexandr Pankratov based on the story of Yuri Nagibina «Berendeev forest».

Here, 4 March, there will be family competitions «Large mile,» in which families will compete in running and cross-country skiing.

Park «Northern Tushino» invites you on March 3 for an evening of dance for older people, March 4 — social dancing: hustle, salsa, bachata.

A number of concerts will be held at the weekend in the Metropolitan Museum-reserve «Tsaritsyno». So, at 17.00 on March 3 in the atrium of the Bread house will host a concert of «Music for organ and flute», guests can listen to the works of Bach, Handel, Mozart, Gluck. In the Great Palace of the reserve, on 4 March at 12.00 will be held the concert «the musical Island of treasures» — children’s program-the quest and a real musical adventure. Using ancient scrolls musicians and young listeners will find music treasure, battle pirates and surf music the vast Latin American continent.

Later, at 16.00 Bazhenov hall of the Grand Palace on the reserve will begin a concert of «early music at the Palace», dedicated to the International festival «Musical offering J. S. Bach». Performed by soloists of ensemble of ancient music Gnessins’ collegium musicum here will feature works by German composers. Also in the «Tsaritsyno» will be held master-classes and tour the Petit Palais devoted to the era of Paul I.

In Babushkinsky Park, Sunday-Day of Board games, and on Saturday at 15.00 starts the educational program for children from libraries No. 58-3, dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the Vakhtangov theater with a multimedia presentation.

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