OP found a potentially dangerous group in social networks with large audiences

© Depositphotos / stokketeРебенок with a laptop. Archival photoOP found a potentially dangerous group in social networks with large audiences© Depositphotos / stokkete

Potentially dangerous the community in social networks with a total audience of more than 11 thousand people identified in the first quarter of this year the monitoring centre, «Security 2.0» at the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, Chairman of Commission OP of the Russian Federation on development of public diplomacy Elena sutormina at a press conference on the threat social networks.

«In the first quarter we identified a potentially dangerous community with a total audience of 11 269 people,» — said sutormina.

She explained that in the study of teen violence most of the required information identified in the two networks – Vkontakte and Youtube. The relevant target audience who find themselves interested in issues of teenage violence, divided the study into two groups: spectators and potential participants in the violence.

The Chairman of Commission OP of the Russian Federation noted that, along with the closure threat and, presumably, criminal groups are extremely important to track further movement of the audience and the administration. In a number of communities, the representatives of the public chamber immediately fixed list of «spare groups», channels, messengers and other means of communication in case of closure.

«We set ourselves a specific target for closing and terminating the activities of communities and activists promoting criminal behavior and directly threatening the security of people. Each of our public access monitoring will be accompanied by official letters to Roskomnadzor and other relevant structures»,- said sutormina.

To solve this problem, the curator of the project «Mediaguardian» Anna Rogacheva also proposed to connect operators.

«It would be great to hold some of the information the company together with the Telecom operators, to inform parents and teenagers,» she said.