The Astrakhan businessman condemned for the deaths of three children

© RIA Novostiukraine meeting. archival photoThe Astrakhan businessman condemned for the deaths of three children© RIA Novosti

A court in the Astrakhan region has sentenced to two years of conditional imprisonment by a local entrepreneur, finding him guilty in the death of three children in a sand pit because of the collapse of the soil, is spoken in the message of regional management of SK Russian Federation.

«The investigative bodies… the evidence accepted by the court sufficient for conviction against the individual entrepreneur. He was found guilty of committing a crime provided by article «causing death on imprudence to two and more persons». Court sentence the individual entrepreneur sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally with payment to families of victims one million rubles», — stated in the message.

The consequence and court it is established that on 6 September 2015 three boys aged 12, 13 and 14 years, with the help of improvised means made tunnel in the rock on the sandy quarry, located in the village Ikryanoe Astrakhan region. On the same day there was a collapse of breeds, the result of teenagers filled up with soil. In the evening, the parents of a minor have discovered this collapse, and the excavation of the bodies of children.

According to investigators, from March to July 2014 an individual entrepreneur illegally made at the above village work on the extraction of soil for subsequent transport to the site, in connection with than the place of development of the soil formed vertical slopes with a height of not less than nine metres, which then collapsed on the playing children.