Israeli tanks fired at Palestinian militants post

© AP Photo / Ariel Schalit, FileИзраильский soldiers and a tank. Archival photoIsraeli tanks fired at Palestinian militants post© AP Photo / Ariel Schalit, File

Israeli tanks fired at positions of Palestinian militants in response to another an explosive device triggered at the border of the Gaza strip, said the army press-service.

The incident, which without loss on the part of the Israelites, was at least the fourth in the last month.

«An explosive device detonated near (border) of the security fence in Northern Gaza. The Israeli military in an explosion in the area was not» — said in the message.

«In response to the tanks of the Israel defense forces fired at a military observation post belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas,» added the military.

Israel blames for everything that happens in the Gaza strip against the ruling there Islamist Hamas movement, requiring it to ensure observance of the ceasefire by all Palestinian factions.

Earlier this week, the two laid on the border of a land mine worked about a hundred meters from an army patrol. The incident has done without victims on the Israeli side. A month ago, four soldiers were wounded when they tried to remove the border strip with the Palestinian flag, which was mined.

The military said that the militants lay bombs under cover of civilian demonstrations, which are regularly held on the borders of the Gaza strip after the United States in December to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.