Doctors have successfully tested the first contraceptive pill for men

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. Birth control pills for men causing problems with erections, have successfully passed the first clinical trial, said the doctors, who spoke at the Congress of the Endocrine society in Chicago.

«Despite a reduced level of testosterone in the blood, almost all of the volunteers did not complain of the presence of characteristic symptoms associated with a lack or surplus of this hormone. All this is an incredible breakthrough in developing a contraceptive pill for men. Now we have longer tests to verify their effectiveness,» said Stephanie page, a biologist at the University of Washington in Seattle (USA).

The first birth control pills that suppress ovulation in women appeared in the West in the late 1950s. Now they regularly take about 100 million of the fairer sex. Most of the drugs are almost 100 percent effective, have serious side effects and do not interfere with the sexual organs.

However, scientists still have not created such tablets for men. Those that have already been developed, or do not give the guaranteed result, or causes significant side effects, not allowing to make them all the time. In addition, most of these causes erection problems and serious psychiatric disorders, therefore neither drug has not received official approval.

Paige and her colleagues have been working for several years on the creation of contraceptives on the basis of two male hormones – testosterone and progestrone. This substance, as the scientists explain, makes harvesting germ cells in the testes to suspend the breeding cycle that leads to a gradual disappearance of Mature sperm.

About ten years ago, the team of Paige managed to create a substance called DMAU, which combines the action of both hormones. Such compounds are biologists received in the past, but almost all have been recognized as unsafe according to the results of experiments on animals — they cause inflammation of the liver and washed out from the body too quickly.

Paige and her colleagues were able to overcome this flaw by combining molecule hormones with a long «tail» of the fatty acid, which slowed the withdrawal of the drug from the body and its accumulation in the liver.

Work pills the researchers tested on a group of a hundred volunteers who were to take DMAU every day in three different doses and to report any changes in health. Of men have not received the real drug and the dummy, but they only found out at the end of the experiment.

Experiments have shown that large doses of DMAU effectively inhibited the reproduction of sperm, but did not hinder the work of the genital organs, or cause other health problems. The only negative effect was that participants were overweight and have increased cholesterol levels.

Now scientists are conducting more extensive experiments in which several hundred men will take the pill for four years or more. If these experiments will be completed successfully, the DMAU can be the first birth control drug which will be available for men all over the world.