In the United States have discovered a unique two-headed snake

© Flickr / Christopher Vogdes. Archival photoIn the United States have discovered a unique two-headed snake© Flickr / Christopher Borges

In Florida, a local farmer has found a newborn boa with two heads, about it writes National Geographic.

Unlike most two-headed animals, the snake has two hearts—and may have two digestive tracks as well

— National Geographic (@NatGeo) on 16 March 2018.

The man took the snake to a veterinarian who determined that the reptile is not only two heads, two hearts and an esophagus that is extremely rare in nature. Experts note that the separation of the digestive system reduce the chances of survival in the wild.

«Most snakes are born this way, die because they can’t produce enough power. In addition, they can be common kidneys, and problems with movement,» says veterinarian Laura Tilen.

Earlier, Dutch fishermen caught in the North sea two-headed Dolphin — he had three eyes and one body with a normal set of limbs and organs.