One of participants of group «picnic» was discharged after the accident near Vladimir

© Photo : GU the Ministry of emergency situations, Vladimir obestity on the highway Vladimir — Goose-Crystal — tumaOne of participants of group «picnic» was discharged after the accident near Vladimir© Photo : GU the Ministry of emergency situations, Vladimir region

Doctors Gus-Khrustalny city hospital (Vladimir oblast) were discharged one of the injured musicians of group «picnic», as other patients stabilized, there is a positive trend, told RIA Novosti on Sunday, the Director of the regional Department of health Alexander Kiryukhin.

«The doctors gave one of the victims, he was in outpatient treatment. But he was in the hospital, took care of his father,» said Kiryukhin.

We are talking about the musician Stanislav Szklarska, the son of the leader of a group of Edmund Shklyarskiy.

«Friends, I’m going home. Thank you to everyone who supports us, puts on his feet and offers his help. You very much… I must say that dad’s pelvis is not broken. All are optimistic!», — posted by Stanislav Szklarska on his page in Facebook.

He also assured that the presentation of the album «Incognito», the founder of which he is held, as stated, the event is scheduled for next week.

«About the band «picnic» please do not go on about the speculation and wait for official information», — said Szklarska.

Upcoming performance of «Picnic» to be held March 25 at the theatre in Kaliningrad «amber Hall». While the website team has no information about its transfer or cancellation.

Regional Director Desdra told RIA Novosti that the condition of remaining in the hospital musicians have stabilized.

«There is a positive trend… But they still need to stay in the hospital,» he explained.

Volkswagen minibus with musicians of group «picnic» got in an accident 12.10 GMT on 16th March at the 50th kilometer of the highway Vladimir — Goose-Crystal — tuma. According to preliminary information, the driver of the Honda drove into oncoming traffic and collided with KAMAZ and Volkswagen. The accident injured seven people: the drivers of two cars and five passenger Volkswagen. In Gus-Crystal city hospital there were five members of the group «picnic», their condition doctors initially assessed as moderate.