Russia is unlikely to receive materials for the «case Skripal,» said the Deputy of the state Duma

During the investigative activities related to the poisoning of the former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal gas NewbieRussia is unlikely to receive materials for the «case Skripal,» said the Deputy of the state Duma

Russia, most likely, will not receive the evidence and materials in the case of the poisoning of ex-agent of the GRU, Sergei Skripal, said state Duma Deputy Alexander Lugovoi.

In his opinion, Russia should demand the documents, however, most likely, Moscow will not get them.

«Russia should demand the investigation, Russia must be admitted to the case file… I Think, no materials submitted will not be absolutely as evidence,» Lugovoi told reporters.

In his opinion, the Russian authorities responded to the measures of great Britain to expel Russian diplomats in dignity and peace.

«I believe that in this sense the Russian government behaved naudotojas still because nothing raises the reputation as our peace of mind. And being okay, but specifically reacted to the actions of the British, suggests that we not try someone shout, we’re trying to figure all this out. It will take time and, as is usually said, justice will prevail,» said Lugovoi.

The MP said in dealing with the British media — Bi-bi-si and sky news. According to him, the journalists acted unprofessionally. Of course, recommendations (the British media — ed.) is uniquely given. I felt it, when one day I had an interview with Bi-bi-si in a few hours of sky news. You know, the concept questions were exactly the same… when no one understood, and when I went to these issues (in the case Skripal — ed.) I just stopped giving interviews to the Western media. I understand that they have this picture associated with me, will duplicate in order to conduct some comparison. But to compare, by the way, it is necessary, because the Litvinenko case and the case Skripal are two sides of the same coin, and such a dirty, cynical,» said Lugovoi.

Relations between Russia and Britain deteriorated sharply against the background of the incident in the British Salisbury, where he was poisoned eks-Colonel GRU Skripal, who worked for the British secret service, and his daughter Julia. The British side claims that the poisoning Skrobala nerve substance from the group of «Newbie» involved in the Russian state. In this regard, British Prime Minister Theresa may announced a series of measures against Russia, including 23 on the expulsion of Russian diplomats and the freezing of all bilateral contacts at a high level. Russia categorically denies involvement in the poisoning Skrobala.

The Russian foreign Ministry on Saturday morning announced retaliatory measures against the UK: persona non grata by 23 diplomatic employee of the British Embassy, who have to leave Russia within a week. Given the disparity in the number of consular institutions of the two countries revoked consent for the opening and functioning of the General Consulate of great Britain in Saint-Petersburg. In addition, the decision on the termination of activity of the British Council in Russia because of «unsettled status».

Russia is unlikely to receive materials for the «case Skripal,» said the Deputy of the state Duma© Infographical terrible toxic substances