In Parliament showed video of Savchenko allegedly discussing the preparation of the coup

In the Verkhovna Rada demonstrated record, said Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko is in talks with several supporters and discusses conditions of organization of the coup in Ukraine. It is reported by TSN.

«I propose a coup. Because we take care of them physically – and all at once. This is one method. One day and only from the inside. Maybe a couple of days, but only one day the best. This will have to wait up to a year. Then you need to make sure that they fled. That is, I was less interested in the government quarter, I’m interested in their homes. I think they will begin to escape when they have nowhere to return to. And they will begin to run. Next, your task is to keep order. As I understand it, the army and the police – they must do it without the chaos began […] In any case, if we do not make this breakthrough by any means, then it is not necessary to live,» — said on the record the woman is presented as Savchenko.

In the video, she objected to the man represented as the head of the Ukrainian public organization «Officer corps» Vladimir Ruban. «Chaos should not be afraid. The chaos is necessary. Chaos can be controlled,» he says.

Also in the video, participants discuss preparations for the coup, how many weapons necessary to his organization and how it will be.

Thus, in accordance with the operational materials, which will play the role of «Joan of Arc» and make the attempt to Poroshenko, planned to become the Hope Savchenko.

The participants also noted that there is some arrangement with the head of the self-proclaimed DNR Alexander Zakharchenko, who is willing to support the coup. The narration States that the potential organizers of the rebellion 1 December 2017 tested a weapon which they were delivered from the DNR. In Kiev the weapons supposedly delivered from Gorlovka March 8, 2017, when he was arrested Ruban.

The entire recording lasts about 28 minutes. In the video in addition to Savchenko and Ruban are also on one March G. P., Bream, S. V. and kot V. V..

Previously, Council has consented to the deprivation Savchenko immunity, as well as on her detention and arrest.

Savchenko was previously convicted in Russia for 22 years for his involvement in the murder of journalists in the Donbass. The court found that on 17 June 2014, it had adjusted the artillery fire on a group of Lugansk militias and Russian journalists, which killed employees VGTRK Igor Korneluk and Anton Voloshin. At the end of may 2016 Savchenko was pardoned by the President of the Russian Federation, after which he returned home. Upon her return, she stated that it was ready to be President if the people support it.