In the Sejm of Poland estimated the size of the individual war compensation from Germany

© Depositphotos / jacek_kadajЦентр town in Warsaw, Poland. Archival photoIn the Sejm of Poland estimated the size of the individual war compensation from Germany© Depositphotos / jacek_kadaj

Poland assesses the amount of the individual compensation from Germany for the poles who suffered during the Second world war, to 543 billion dollars, said the head of the parliamentary group on reparations Arkadiusz Mularczyk Thursday in the Sejm of the country.

Mularczyk said that according to the assessment, 1990, «the people directly affected by Nazi Germany during the Second world war in Poland, we had a total of 13 million 315 thousand.»

Among them — persons taken to forced labor in Germany, civil invalids, prisoners of concentration camps and widows and orphans, displaced people, said the MP.

Mularczyk stated that the amount of compensation that these people could demand from Germany, was estimated in 1990 to 284 billion dollars. «It was the amount in 1990. If we adjust this amount according to the principle of purchasing power of the dollar in 2017, the sum of one trillion 984 billion zlotys. If we are talking about dollars, the sum of 543 billion dollars,» he said.

Mularchik also said that this compensation is «rightfully belong to Polish citizens.»

He also noted that the amount owed to the poles of individual compensation is not included in war reparations, which the Polish government intends to demand from Germany.

Earlier in Warsaw declared, that Poland is entitled to reparations from Germany for the damage caused during the Second world war, which should be a «reminder of the justice that Poland belongs to».

According to the Agency PAP, citing at the disposal of journalists, a document of the Bureau of analysis of Polish Sejm, Poland has reason to demand from Germany 48.8 billion dollars in reparations. The German government considers the issue of war reparations to Poland closed.

Mularczyk said earlier that Poland may claim reparation from Germany for the damage in the Second world war in the amount of 850 billion dollars.

During the Potsdam conference in 1945, an agreement was reached, according to which Poland received reparations from the share of the USSR, coming from the Eastern zone of Germany. A few years later the USSR and the Polish national Republic (PNR) has signed an agreement, terminating the collection of reparations from the GDR in 1954.