The African scientist «discovered» Mars

© Fotolia / artemp1Планета Mars. Archival photoThe African scientist «discovered» Mars© Fotolia / artemp1

. Cosmologist from South Africa Peter dunsby told about monitoring an unknown astronomical phenomenon, which appeared to be Mars. It is reported by Science Alert.

Dansby, reported their discovery in The Astronomer»s Telegram — the online service that helps astronomers faster to share information. He stated that on March 20 watched a bright transient (the object of varying brightness – Approx.ed.) in the night sky near the Triple nebula and the Lagoon nebula. He also noted that the object was missing in the specified locations on March 8.

In his message he encouraged his colleagues to determine the nature of the object.

However, after a few minutes he said that he’s not the first watching of this celestial body. It turned out that it was the planet Mars.

For Discovery of Mars. Congratulations, Prof. Peter Dunsby! cc @peterdunsby Re:

— ATel (@astronomerstel) 20 Mar 2018

40 minutes after posting the first message, Dansby sent a second, which acknowledged his mistake and apologized for the inconvenience. The Twitter account of The Astronomer»s Telegram published a humorous letter «For the discovery of Mars» in the name of Dansby.