The court did not consider the application for PAROLE of the journalist of RBK Sokolova

© Photo : RBC/Oleg Sokolov Yakovlevich. Archive photoThe court did not consider the application for PAROLE of the journalist of RBK Sokolova© Photo : RBC/Oleg Yakovlev

I. Tver court of Moscow has not received a petition for parole to the investigative Committee Alexander Sokolov, who received 3.5 years in prison on charges of extremism, RIA Novosti press-service of the court.

«The court refused to accept the petition for proceedings», — said in court. They explained that not can consider the question of PAROLE due to the fact that the sentence is not executed — journalist is still in jail and not sent to the colony.

As explained by RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the court Anastasia Zurko, code of criminal procedure does not allow to consider the question of PAROLE before the sentence into execution. «As the reference from FGU 2 detention center in Moscow, currently the falcons are serving sentences in the unit for household maintenance. The verdict is not enforced, and he kept in prison until the determination of the correctional institution in which the administration is subject to punishment,» said the spokesman.

The Tver court of Moscow on August 10 of last year, Sokolova was sentenced to 3.5 years in a General regime colony. In the dock were the former editor of newspaper «Duel» Yury Mukhin, Valery Parfenov and Cyril Barabash. According to the investigation, they participated in the movement associated with the banned in Russia as extremist organization «army of the will of the people» and aimed to undermine the political situation in the country.

The sentence Sokolov scored a little more than two years, which he spent in jail. According to the verdict, he was restricted for one year after release from prison, he will not be able to change the place of residence or registration without notice law enforcement bodies.

Press Secretary of RBC Yegor Timofeyev said that in the media do not understand or accept the decision of the Tver court sentenced Sokolov to 3.5 years in a General regime colony, and will continue to maintain correspondent.