Patriarchate: Orthodox «sanctify» the British Isles Holy fire

© RIA Novosti / Anton Scrupulosity of the Holy fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in JerusalemPatriarchate: Orthodox «sanctify» the British Isles Holy fire© RIA Novosti / Anton Skripunov

Representatives of the diocese of Sourozh of the Moscow Patriarchate will take time for the Easter festivities on 8 April, the British Isles, in London, on a special flight from Jerusalem the Holy fire, said on Thursday the press service of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

Christians believe that the Holy fire every year before Orthodox Easter, on Saturday, miraculously descends from heaven to earth, this happens in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

As explained in the Patriarchate, the fire will be brought from Israel with the assistance of philanthropist Timofey Musatov to the beginning of the night Easter service in London. He was taken to the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Sourozh diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Cathedral of the assumption and the Holy Royal martyrs of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad (ROCA).

«We hope and believe that the offering of the Holy fire from Jerusalem to London will serve as another confirmation that in the actual historical relations between our peoples there is no place for confrontation, fomented for political purposes,» — said in this regard in the diocese of Sourozh.

In turn, Timofey Musatov, whose words are also listed in the press release, noted that the mission of the Church has more than 2 thousand years, in contrast to the bilateral relations of Russia and Britain who not more than four centuries.

The RT will conduct in social networks stream on the progress of bringing the Holy fire from Jerusalem to London, the report said. It was first delivered to the Russian churches in the UK in April last year.

The fire symbolizes the miraculous light of the resurrection of Christ, which was spoken of by the Apostle Peter, and who had seen the Apostle Paul, and is considered sacred to believers.


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  1. Timofei | 30.03.2018 at 15:42 |

    I don’t think the people of the British Isles want or need this so-called “blessing”. It all smacks of Russian State-sponsored propaganda. Given that the last “gift” of the Russians was the biological agent Novichok!

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