Died honored artist of Russia Anzhelika Volchkova

© Photo : accout to «Facebook» Angelica Volcanotectonic theatre School of modern drama Anzhelika Volchkova. Archive photoDied honored artist of Russia Anzhelika Volchkova© Photo : accout to «Facebook» Angelica Volchkova

In Moscow has died the honoured artist of Russia Anzhelika Volchkova. The actress was 47 years old. This was reported on the website of the theatre «School of modern play».

«On Easter night died Anzhelika Volchkova – the leading actress of the theater «School of modern play», the honoured artist of Russia. She was very young and very talented. Incredibly beautiful and equally intelligent. She was kind, full of love and light», — reported on the website of the theatre.

Volchkov was buried in her home in Penza. April 10, in the «School of modern play» will pass ceremony of farewell with the actress.

The last statement, which was attended by Volchkov was the play «the Overcoat/Coat», so the show will be held April 11 in the theatre will be dedicated to her memory.