Nebesa outraged by the rudeness of Britain, France and the USA against Russia

© RIA Novosti / Nancy Semelparity in photobacteria to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia. Archival photoNebesa outraged by the rudeness of Britain, France and the USA against Russia© RIA Novosti / Nancy Semelparity the image Bank

USA, UK and France are confrontational against Russia, using a wide Arsenal of methods and tone that was not even during the «cold war», said on Monday, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia.

«The leadership of the US, UK and France without any reason and without thinking about the consequences of confrontational attitude to Russia and pushing for this», – he said at a UN security Council meeting on the situation in the middle East.

According to him, it uses «a wide range of methods» to which nebesa took «slander, insults and bellicose rhetoric, blackmail, sanctions and threats to use force against a sovereign state».

«Shameless threaten Russia. The tone in which this is done, overstepped acceptable. Even during the «cold war» such rudeness towards my country, your predecessors does not allow», — he added, addressing the participants of the meeting.


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  1. digpig | 16.04.2018 at 15:42 |

    If Russia wants good relations with the UK, it should not deploy biological weapons or nuclear poisons on people lawfully living here – crimes amounting to State Terrorism – and then try to justify itself by a barrage of lies. Until Russia, supposedly an Orthodox Christian country, adopts the basic standards of civilised or even Christian behaviour, it will always be viewed with revulsion by the British people.

    • Иван | 31.05.2018 at 11:09 |

      If anglosaxons wants good relation with civilized world they should not poison Russian citizens with chemical weapons and hold them hostage.
      You poisoned your kings and queens in the past and Porton Down tested chemical weapons on 400 people in 2006.

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