In Thailand detained a Russian citizen

© AP Photo / Apichart WeerawongПолиция Thailand. archival photoIn Thailand detained a Russian citizen© AP Photo / Apichart Weerawong

Russians living in the Thai resort town of Pattaya, Thai police arrested on Saturday at the international airport Suvarnabhumi on suspicion in a robbery of exchange points, and the brutal beating of the cashier, told RIA Novosti on Saturday, a source in the city police division of Pattaya.

The Russian was arrested along with his wife and five year old daughter while trying to leave Thailand. Things that were with him, were found the money allegedly stolen Saturday morning in the exchange office, and the backpack the cashier where the money was in the time of the robbery, said the Agency interlocutor.

The crime was committed on Saturday morning. Unknown drove up to the exchange point, located on Sukhumvit road opposite the hotel «Ambassador city Jomtien», entered to the exchange without removing the motorcycle helmet that completely covers the face, severely beat the woman-the cashier, a citizen of Thailand, and disappeared with her backpack, which was 600 thousand Thai baht (about 10 thousand USD). All this captured by two surveillance cameras located inside and outside the exchange. Although the face on video it was impossible to discern due to a motorcycle helmet and physique, it was clear that he was almost certainly a foreigner, an outer camera caught the license plate of the motorcycle on which he escaped. It turned out that the bike was rented in December of last year in the name of the Russian who rented an expensive Villa in Pattaya and lived there with his family. The Russians were also the long-term lease another sports bike and the car, said a police source.

When the police arrived at the house rented by Russians, the house they found a parked motorcycle on which the offender fled the scene of the robbery, and motorcycle helmet and gloves, which were also clearly visible in the video. Gloves were heavily stained with blood. Of the Russians, his wife and daughter were not at home. Absent and rented a Russian car.

The car, according to police, managed to find the car Park of the Bangkok international airport, Suvarnabhumi, and then, in the building of the airport was delayed and the suspect together with his wife and daughter, said the source.

The citizen of the Russian Federation, whose name was not disclosed in the interests of the investigation, will be charged under the criminal code of Thailand about the robbery with use of force and the infliction of grievous bodily harm: the cashier of the exchange office is currently in the intensive care unit of a hospital Pattaya. Wife and five year old daughter of a Russian citizen was also arrested. The suspect’s wife may be charged as an accomplice.


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