Djukanovic went to the fourth decade of management Montenegro

© AFP 2018 / Savo PrelevicПлакат with the pre-election campaign Milo Djukanovic in Montenegro. Archival photoDjukanovic went to the fourth decade of management Montenegro© 2018 AFP / Savo Prelevic

The most famous politician of Montenegro, the leader of the ruling Democratic party of socialists Milo Djukanovic won in the first round of the presidential election, thereby guaranteeing themselves at least five years in positions of head of state.

Thus Djukanovic officially cemented its status as the main person in Montenegro. Over the past 27 years his name has become synonymous with and a symbol of power de facto in various positions, he headed the Republic since 1991, when at the age of 29 became the youngest Prime Minister in Europe.

Observers agree that the credibility and ambition Djukanovic will add the post of President of the political weight, despite the fact that the functions of the head of state of Montenegro, in principle, are representational in nature. The mandate of the current President of Montenegro Filip vujanović expire on may 20, at the same time it is expected the inauguration of his successor.

The priorities of the winner

Djukanovic has achieved a convincing victory, despite strong criticism from the opposition, accusing him of an authoritarian style of government, corruption ties, in the patronage of the organized crime, the impoverishment of the industrial centers, in the antagonism of Russia in joining NATO in June 2017, without a national referendum.

The results of Sunday’s presidential election have yet to confirm the electoral Commission, but it is obvious that pre 55% of the vote Djukanovic allow us to speak about his confident victory in the first round.

The leader of the ruling party have dedicated his victory to the «European Montenegro». Earlier, the European Commission pointed to the possibility of implementation by the Republic of conditions for accession to the EU in 2025. It is, according to Djukanovic, the priority of its future mandate.

«The time has come to announce that we made a promise and got another win in a European Montenegro,» said Djukanovic in an address to supporters.

«What I asked in this campaign to obtain the right to make the final step after a 20-year journey to the European system of values. We (the right) won and I am sure that will not fail the expectations of citizens will do this step and will achieve all the results that were planned,» he said. It was obvious that victory is very important for him personally.

Characteristically, in the course of the campaign, Djukanovic refused TV debates with rivals, because I do not see among them «equal opponents».

The reaction of the opposition

The main opponent Djukanovic in the elections — Mladen Bojanic receives more than 33%. Economist and former Deputy of the national Assembly (Parliament), the nominee of the opposition party «Democratic front», «Democrats», the Socialist people’s party and the URA said it will continue to struggle with the opposition.

«Do you know who was our enemy — the man who captured the state, its institutions, and, unfortunately, they remained under his arm,» said Bojanic.

According to him, heads of government agencies and budgetary organizations of Montenegro before election day, reported to the leadership of the ruling party on how many votes their employees and members of their families «provided».

«I will continue to fight, I ask all the opposition voters to perceive it not as a defeat but as a good basis for further struggle… I will continue to take the country away from Djukanovic and his dictatorship is view, ready to help opposition forces», — said the candidate.

Earlier, his staff said that the representatives of Bojanic in the election commissions will refuse to sign the protocols, if it considers that there has been a breach.

The leader oriented on cooperation with Russia and Serbia, the party of «Real Montenegro» and an opponent of NATO membership Marco Milicic received, according to preliminary data, about 2.5% of the vote.

«I want to say that this is not a victory, and defeat for the entire Montenegrin society. Montenegro, unfortunately, goes deeper into autocracy, enter a phase of dictatorship, and this is his new mandate we enter the fourth decade of his tenure of power in Montenegro, which is very sad and unfortunate for this country,» said Milicich.

«All this comes after numerous violations in the election day and the election campaign for the presidency, which noted and we are in the «Real Montenegro», and the whole community. A lot of problems at polling stations, so this victory is questionable from the point of view of democratic standards,» said 33-year-old opposition leader.

He added that, despite claims from campaign headquarters Djukanovic that he was «one against all», in fact «Montenegro was one in this race against all of NATO», a candidate which was, according to Milicich, the leader of the DPS.

The only female candidate, lawyer and lecturer Drahynya vuksanovic from the opposition Pro-Western Social democratic party, which has long been a partner of the DPS, spoke emphatically. She took third place with 8%.

«In captured state elections cannot be free and fair. And for Mr Djukanovic and the manner in which he conducted this campaign, they absolutely do not deserve my congratulations», — said Vuksanovich.

The representative of the traditionally loyal to the ruling DPS boshnakova (Slavic Muslim) minorities, the nominee of the party of justice and reconciliation Hasbe loaf with 1% of their votes supported the opposition.

«I can say that today, in the course of the voting process was all the same thing still occurred in the electoral process. It is obvious that corrupt habit of vote-buying remained selective in our culture,» said loaf.

Other candidates scored less than 1% of the vote. The turnout, according to preliminary data, exceeded 60%.