Experts told about the possible reshuffle in the presidential administration

© Photo : Photo Moskvada of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation on an Old square. Archive photoExperts told about the possible reshuffle in the presidential administration© Photo : Photo Moscow

Staff and structural changes since the inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected not only in government but in the administration of the President: major changes will affect the economic block, the special status can get assistant on economic issues, it is possible that among the new Cabinet will include representatives of his election headquarters or Alexei Kudrin, according to experts interviewed by RIA Novosti.

In addition, scientists do not reject the idea of integration of the presidential administration and the government apparatus.

The strengthening of the economic bloc

According to the President of the Center for strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov, the most serious changes in the structure and staffing are expected in the economic block of administration of the President, due to the economic situation and the main directions defined in the message to the Federal Assembly.

«In General, the economic unit will be most subjected to changes, because the main part of the agenda will be linked to the economy… the Economic bloc is closely linked with what will be the Cabinet… Assistant on economic issue may become closer to the President to have direct interaction with him,» said the analyst.

He explained that the economic bloc is formed according to special principles, although in formal terms the administration the economy is not engaged, as it is a function of government, but such a contour is, it is recorded with the assistant to the President for economic policy.

In addition to the economic bloc of the changes may affect other areas of the work of the administration, says Abzalov. «A very interesting question on the information block, everything about the media, what will happen to her. There are a number of movements within, and the question is not solved yet», — he said.

According to political scientist Alexander Konkova, the changes in the presidential administration would be not local, but systemic. The expert added that the President’s message, in which he talked about the need for a breakthrough, the country’s economic development, necessary technological upgrades, the development of the digital economy, outlined the industries in the first place change is needed. «On this basis, will be the formation of appropriate services within the presidential administration, because it is necessary to here was advanced shots which will be able to keep their finger on the pulse. In this respect, an important direction would be to combine the economic unit and those units that operate through international cooperation,» he explained.

Konkov stressed that in the conditions of the political crisis facing the Russian Federation in respect with the Western powers, it is very important to strengthen the international component in economic cooperation.

Integration with government office

Speaking of structural changes, Skates also did not rule out that it will be implemented the plan, which has already been rumored, is about the integration of the presidential administration and the government apparatus.

«It is important to avoid contradictions between the Executive and the presidential office to a single vision for the solution of those tasks which were given in the message. Because we remember what had happen hardware scandals, which was not on hand nor the President, nor the government, nor even development of the country. It is very important that all the apparatus worked smoothly in accordance with the priorities and tasks set by Putin», — he commented the probability of such enterprises.

According to Abzalova, all structural changes will definitely be known by may. «It will be clear which structure is built, based on this, there are agreements, there will be consultations at various levels,» — said the analyst.

The analysts noted the strong position of the political unit of the presidential administration, which further strengthened after the presidential elections. «If you take, for example political, judging by the way did the election campaign, the head of the unit, and the unit as a whole strong. This is the Deputy head of administration Sergey Kiriyenko and the block, which is under him is the Department of internal policy and management of public projects», — said the expert.

The head of «Political expert group» Konstantin Kalachev said that before the presidential elections the head of administration Anton Vaino, and his first Deputy, Sergei Kiriyenko has proposed a reform of the Agency, but then decided that it was better to return to this issue after the election campaign, as «horses in midstream is not», besides any structural changes to the conduct of the main campaign would be premature.

«But given the fact that the results of the campaign everyone is happy, given the fact that the leadership of the presidential administration fully coped with the tasks, I think they can now be carte Blanche to change the structure and personnel changes,» said Kalachev.

New people or the old guard

Member of the Expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Alexei Zudin did not exclude that a new administration will include representatives of the election headquarters of Vladimir Putin. «New people, most likely, will appear, and the most likely source of personnel updates – it’s likely the staff. But this reasonable care personnel inherent Putin, again to declare itself. He used to work with people whom he trusts and who show a certain result. But human conservatism does not mean no change,» — said the analyst.

According to Abzalov, the mass transfer of the Cabinet of Ministers to the presidential administration, as it was in 2012, now is expected. «Move from government to the administration was typical for the previous political cycle. First, it was due to the fact that the President from the Cabinet came, so parachuted back a lot of people also partially control circuit got there, but soon such honorary posts EN masse is not to be expected», — he said.

The expert did not rule out the emergence in the administration of the former Minister of Finance. «Open the question of whether to enter into the system Kudrin,» — said he.

This same capability hypothetically admitted and the head of the Center for economic and political reforms Nikolai Mironov, although he pointed out that, in fact, Kudrin is an Advisor to Putin. «Can be in terms of image, he adds, will strengthen its position in terms of hardware, but in terms of influence, is hardly something to add or subtract, because its opinion and so it comes to Putin… Although I do not exclude that it might enter into administration in the framework of an assistant or adviser,» the expert believes.