Experts will discuss the use of the blockchain in intellectual property

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobabbles. Archival photoExperts will discuss the use of the blockchain in intellectual property© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The participants of the new cryptocurrency market, representatives of global and regional structures in the sphere of intellectual property, head of the national patent offices and representatives of foreign businesses in the international conference «Digital transformation: intellectual property and the blockchain technology» will discuss opportunities and ways of using the blockchain in the field of intellectual property.

The conference will be held 16-17 April in Moscow at the site of the world trade Center. The RIA Novosti media group «Russia today» will be the General information Agency of the conference.

Blockchain’s rights

The blockchain technology not only has caused explosive interest to Russian and foreign citizens, but also led to the development of new technologies and has launched many projects in Russia.

A number appeared in the year 2017 in Russia projects based on the technology of the blockchain (blockchain) system organization of distributed databases. According to this technology, in particular, works database, which stores information about the transactions of bitcoin. According to some experts, the technology allows to significantly optimize the costs of business and the state. In particular, it helps to make payments online, quickly confirm the relevance of the data on the client or the transaction, record the transaction and conduct their roster.

As the head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev on the eve of the conference, in 2018, the Department will consider 285 patent applications related to Baccano. For comparison, in 2017 were considered only 18 applications, of which the patent received only one.

One of the main topics of the conference will be prospects, opportunities and strategies for the development of intellectual property through the use of the blockchain. The participants will try to answer the questions will be whether the use of a blockchain as the basis of transformation of the global patent system in the near future and how you can use digital technology to improve the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

The conference will be attended by over 800 people from 20 countries. Among them will be the head of Rospatent, the President Trading-industrial chamber of Russia Sergey Katyrin, President of the national Institute of industrial property of Brazil, Luiz Otávio Pimentel, salmissra state intellectual property office of China Zhang Maoyi, Deputy Minister of economic development of Russia Oleg Fomichev.

Practical application

The use of blockchain technology being tested in cryptocurrency and banking sectors and in the field of intellectual property.

Ahead of the conference, Rospatent in cooperation with the community Actum and the blockchain platform Apla held a hackathon to create smart patent office. More than 100 participants from Moscow, Petersburg, Kazan and Rostov-na-Donu competed for the prize of 200 thousand rubles and employment opportunities in Rospatent.

Before the hackathon participants had several tasks. Job from the Rospatent was to show the use of the blockchain for the registration of developments and inventions and to create a blockchain-based platform for technology transfer.

The award ceremony will be held at the site of the conference.