In Mordovia plan to increase the volumes of construction works by 5%

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in photoboxes. Archival photoIn Mordovia plan to increase the volumes of construction works by 5%© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis the image Bank

Program 2018 in Mordovia should build 333 thousand square meters of housing, and the volume of construction work should be increased by 5%, said the head of the region Vladimir Volkov in his message to the state Assembly of the Republic.

«In the construction industry invested more than 8.5 billion rubles, and it is not just about the facilities built for the world Cup. Now, the main work of the builders should be the construction of housing. Within five years, we must execute the task set by the President, is to increase the amount of housing in the Republic in half. In 2018, construction output is expected to increase by 5%. The program provides for the construction of 333 thousand square meters of housing, of which 240 thousand — the standard of housing», — cited figures, the head of the Mordovia Republic.

He reminded that from 1 July cancelled share construction, and stressed that the Ministry of construction of the Republic must work together with developers to prepare for the transition to the new system of design financing.

«This year we will perform — they are formed. But if we fail to solve this problem, faced with a sharp decline in housing construction in 2019, which is unacceptable,» — said Volkov.

The Ministry of construction in the region, he instructed until July 1 to obtain and execute the necessary permissions so as not to disrupt the construction of housing in 2019.

«This is no joke — it’s billions of dollars in losses. Each ruble invested in housing construction, creates at least three rubles of the value added in other sectors of the economy. You should also think about measures on development of individual housing construction, the establishment of the Republic industry affordable low-rise housing. I task the government to organize the full cycle of building cheap prefabricated housing, from production materials to delivery of turnkey facilities. Resources we have,» said Volkov.

According to him, the housing programme in the Republic are of great economic and social effect.

«About 13 thousand families have received mortgage loans, and in 2017 these families was a quarter more than the year before. And the participants of the Republican program of preferential mortgage at 5% per annum were more than 3,600 families. And we have decided to extend the program of preferential mortgage and in 2018,» — said the head of Mordovia.

In his address he also touched upon the Republic’s participation in Federal projects such as «mortgage and rental housing», «Young family» programme to improve housing conditions in rural areas. Reminded of the need to promptly solve the issues related to the program of support of large families, which involves the construction of housing and management on the allocated free land. First and foremost, this applies to summing the areas of municipal infrastructure.

In addition to housing, it is necessary to upgrade the existing housing stock, summed up the wolves.