In Moscow named winners of the award «the gold Mask»

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in the Bank building of the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow. Archival photoIn Moscow named winners of the award «the gold Mask»© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

Twenty-fourth award ceremony of the national theatre award «Golden Mask» was held on Sunday at the Bolshoi theater. For three months in Moscow passed a festival of performances nominative, and now the best of the best artists of the theater have received their awards.

Faith and hope

The keynote of the ceremony included words of support from participants to their colleagues who are defendants in the criminal case of embezzlement of public funds and are under house arrest.

«In the past year, we experienced difficult events. Our comrades, our colleagues are in an extremely difficult situation, which cannot fail to affect and not to worry all of us. There is no doubt that all of them — Cyril pieces of Silver, Sophia Apfelbaum, Alex Malopolski, Yuri Itin is a wonderful professional figures. We wish them to gain the opportunity to work freely», — said the Director of the «Golden Mask» Maria Revyakina the opening ceremony.

And these words of encouragement, faith and hope that justice will prevail after all, sounded in the evening repeatedly. It said the Directors Lev Dodin and Yury Butusov, the artist Pavel Kaplevich, actress Alla Demidova, almost everyone who went on stage. In his finest hour, getting the award, they first remembered those who could not be with them on this theatrical occasion.

The Chairman of jury of drama theatre and puppet theatre, doctor of art criticism Alexey Bartoshevich has announced that the special prize of the jury of awards of the theater «Gogol-center» — «for the creation of a space of creative freedom.»

«For us this award is of particular importance, and we are proud of it,» said Bartoshevich.

The best in musical theatre

First got their «Golden Mask» creators of Musical theatre.

The best performance in the genre of the musical called «Sweeney Todd, mad Barber of fleet street» at the Taganka Theater.

The best performance in modern dance was «Imago-trap» theatre «Provincial dances» from Ekaterinburg.

Best performance in the ballet «Suite EN Blanc», a Music theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.

The best performance in the Opera «Billy Budd» at the Bolshoi theater by the General Director Vladimir urin called «important work.»

Best Director in Opera and winner of the award was Kirill Serebrennikov for the play «Chatsky» in «Helikon-Opera».

Winners in the drama

The best of the best became a people’s artist of the USSR Alla Demidova. Prize was awarded to her work in the play «Gogol-center» «Akhmatova. Poem without a hero», which they created along with Serebrenikova.

«I remember that the theater was a public podium, raised culture, and almost rhymed with the spirituality. Where we lost this way?» — with these words addressed to the young actress, who saw a brilliant Mat «old people» involved in the birth and development of the legendary «Taganka».

The award for best role in a drama was awarded to Vyacheslav Kovalev — actor theater. Mayakovsky.

Most nominees have been Directors of more than 20 claimed the «Golden Mask». The award was received by Yury Butusov for the play «Uncle Vanya» in the theater. Of the Leningrad city Council.

Best performances in a drama

«Golden Mask» for the best performance in the drama was taken of the St. Petersburg theatres: the drama of the small form was the play «Chuk and GEK» Alexandrinsky theatre, and the best drama in great shape was a performance of the prominent Russian Director Lev Dodin’s «Fear, Love and Despair».

In his speech Dodin expressed the hope that «truth will prevail, and the brilliant Kirill Serebrennikov, delicate, fragile but firm Sophia Apfelbaum, persistent and courageous Alex Malopolski» on the future of the ceremony of «Golden Mask» will be with them.

In may 2017 in the capital’s theater «Gogol-center» and the home of its artistic Director Serebrennikov were searched in the case of embezzlement of public funds to non-profit organizations, «the Seventh Studio». Initially, the investigators were sent to jail the former accountant Nina Maslyaeva and under house arrest — the General Director of the Studio of Yuri itina.

Then he was taken into custody eks-the Director of «Gogol-center» Alexey Malopolski, and pieces of silver, was placed under house arrest. Maslyaeva made a plea bargain, gave evidence against the other defendants, and in early October was transferred under house arrest. Its business is allocated in separate manufacture. The rest of the defendants guilt is not recognized. Also the case is concluded under house arrest, the Director of the Russian academic youth theatre (RAMT) Sophia Apfelbaum. The former General producer «Seventh Studio» Ekaterina Voronova arrested in absentia and declared in the international search.