In Moscow opens the exhibition «Ming: the light of learning»

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova fotobounce in the Kremlin. Archival photoIn Moscow opens the exhibition «Ming: the light of learning»© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

Exhibition on Chinese art of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), one of the brightest pages in the rich heritage of China, opens for the first time in the museums of the Moscow Kremlin.

«Excellent designs, which will be in the exhibition halls of the Kremlin museums, will allow the viewer to show almost all aspects, which is famous for the culture of Ming: gorgeous porcelain, painting, stone carving, furniture,» — the press service of the Museum.

Shanghai Museum has a unique collection of furniture of the Ming dynasty. Exhibition visitors will see the area of «intellectual study», in which the interior – chair, table for calligraphy and incense burners, shelves for books and scrolls, featuring beautiful lines, noble and high-quality carvings.

In this era of artists had successfully reinterpreted the old forms and decoration of bronze and jade. At the same time, new techniques — carved lacquer and cloisonne enamel. The exhibition will include products that were not only interior decorations or clothing, but the object of the gathering.

«Undoubtedly, «business card» of the Ming dynasty was the porcelain. He is considered to be the top in the production of «white gold» and is highly regarded by experts and fans of porcelain art. It was at this time masters developed the gorgeous colored glaze and creates the technology of overglaze painting. Guests can admire the exquisite China, showing almost all the achievements of masters of ceramics of this period», — told in the Museum.

In Moscow opens the exhibition «Ming: the light of learning»© Photo : courtesy of Momentul Soviet-style. As the old resorts have hit the lenses fotografavimas of the Ming dynasty is not only a particularly virtuosic refinement, but reformist spirit. Visitors will get acquainted with two picturesque scrolls belonging to the outstanding artists of his time: «Snow landscape» Wen of Bojana represents the traditional style of painting, while the work of Xu Wei, one of the greatest painters during the Ming dynasty, «Peony, banana leaves and stones,» one feels rebellious spirit of the author and almost avant-garde approach to the typical plot, reports a press-service of the Museum.

A separate part of the exposition dedicated to archaeological monuments — a rare jewelry and unique set of porcelain figurines honorary escort from the tomb of relatives of the Imperial dynasty.