In Roscosmos told about the costs of a new rocket «Angara»

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya in fotoracconti space rocket complex Angara. Archival photoIn Roscosmos told about the costs of a new rocket «Angara»© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya in Photobacterium to daily updates RIA Science

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The creation of the first rocket «Angara-A5» at a cost of 3.4 billion rubles, and in total the project has already invested more than 110 billion, said in an interview with the newspaper «Izvestia» head of the scientific-technical Council of state Corporation «Roscosmos» Yuri Koptev.

«For a number of reasons, we unfortunately do not observe that the adoption rate of «Angara», which would be needed. Can’t forget to mention that in the «Hangar» has already invested a total of more than 110 billion rubles. But the new media family has its own well-defined niche is not in doubt», — he said.

According to Koptev, the first «Angara A5» cost the budget of 3.4 billion. The main technical solutions for light and heavy version of the missile has already been developed and all the infrastructure preparation and implementation of the start function.

«There are a number of issues on the improvement of «Angara». You need to hold out it to requirements of the technical specifications, primarily from the point of view of payload mass. The idea of formation of an advanced orbital group is focused on the use of «Angara», — he said.

Koptev added that from the point of view of «Roscosmos» the new missile will be used also in connection with the restrictions on the use of «Proton» on Baikonur.

«At the time, Russia assumed the obligation to decommission the missiles with highly toxic fuels after 2020. Therefore, a logical question arises: if not «Hangar», then what?» — concluded the head of the scientific and technical Council of Roscosmos.