India protested to Pakistan from-for not admission of diplomats to the pilgrims

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Pakhomovska Gurdwara (temple) in the city of ARN-Taran (India)India protested to Pakistan from-for not admission of diplomats to the pilgrims© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Pakhomov

India Pakistan expressed strong protest in connection with the recent decision of Islamabad not to allow Indian diplomats to the pilgrims-Sikhs traveling around the country for religious purposes.

As reported to journalists the foreign Ministry, a total of 1800 Indian pilgrims are in Pakistan from 12 April on the basis of bilateral agreements to ensure access of pilgrims to religious shrines.

«In accordance with standard practice, for visiting pilgrims are fixed employees of the consular Department and Protocol services that perform on-duty responsibilities such as helping in medical or family circumstances. However, this year the consular office was denied access to Indian pilgrims-Sikhs,» he said in depodesta.

The foreign Ministry informed that diplomats were not allowed to meet with compatriots, which on 12 April arrived at the train station the VAG. Furthermore, on 14 April, they were not allowed in Gurudwara (Sikh liturgical structure — ed.) Panja Sahib in the Pakistani town of Hasan Abdal, where the diplomats were scheduled to meet with these pilgrims.

«The Ambassador of India in Pakistan, which should have come with greetings to fellow citizens on the occasion of Baisakhi (the harvest festival and New year celebrated in Punjab — ed.) was forced to return without meeting with them,» said the Minister.

As stated in new Delhi that such actions by Pakistan are «a clear violation of the Vienna Convention of 1961, the bilateral Protocol on visits to religious shrines of 1974, and code of conduct in respect of the diplomats and consular officers in India and Pakistan, from 1992».