Life expectancy in Mordovia in five years increased by a year and a half

© Fotolia / Remus Moise Elderly couple walking in the Park. Archival photoLife expectancy in Mordovia in five years increased by a year and a half© Fotolia / Remus Moise

The average life expectancy in Mordovia in the last five years increased by a year and a half and now accounts for 72.8 years, said the head of the region Vladimir Volkov in his message to the state Assembly of the Republic.

«Significant improvements have been achieved in health care. The key figure here is the increase in life expectancy. In five years, life expectancy increased by a year and a half and now accounts for 72.8 years. Over the same five years at 7.5% decreased overall mortality. Let me remind you, the government adopted a new state program of healthcare development. And our regional health Ministry should expeditiously complete the development of an appropriate national program,» he instructed the wolves.

The priorities remain the same: increasing life expectancy, reducing mortality from cardiovascular and oncological diseases, increase the satisfaction of population with quality of medical care.

«It is necessary to enhance the effectiveness of primary care prevention system to detect serious diseases at an early stage and their successful treatment. At least once every two years, every resident of the Republic, even from the most remote villages should have an examination and if issues are identified, to get a clear algorithm of further actions», — said the wolves to the leadership of regional health services.

The head of Mordovia was also reminded of the President’s recommendation to strengthen the network of feldsher-midwife stations (FAP). In the near future, according to Volkov, in the Republic need to build another 45 FAPs, and 219 — to overhaul.

Separately, the head of the region has affected the construction of new clinics and hospitals.

«In Saransk is now building a children’s and adult polyclinics in the area of the residential complex «Jubilee.» Also, construction of the polyclinic of Oncology center of Mordovia, which has a region of particular importance. The Republic should actively join the implementation of the national programme for the fight against cancer. With funds from the reserve Fund of the President of Russia repaired to the Republican infectious hospital and children’s polyclinic №2″, — said Volkov.

Among the most important tasks of health the head of the region called the advanced training of medical personnel of the Republic in the best centers in the country and abroad, and in this connection urged doctors as well as professionals from other disciplines and workers of education, due attention be paid to learning foreign languages.