Metropolitan of Montenegro urged to vote for politicians who stand against NATO

© RIA Novosti / Olga Lepiceridae of Montenegro and the littoral AmfilohijeMetropolitan of Montenegro urged to vote for politicians who stand against NATO© RIA Novosti / Olga Lipic

Metropolitan of Montenegro and the littoral Amfilohije called on Sunday elections of the President of Montenegro to vote «for candidates who oppose NATO.»

«NATO kills children and women in Syria that had killed in Yugoslavia. NATO is sowing destruction and terrorism. So you need to vote for politicians who are against NATO,» — said the STS on Sunday service in the village of Dukla in the suburbs of Podgorica. The service was held in the ruins of a Byzantine Church of the 3rd century.

Amphilochius of in his sermon also called «to be with Russia, because it is fighting terrorism, not with those who support terrorism». Metropolitan announced the allowance of 100 euros to all the children of Podgorica, orphaned as a result of NATO bombing.

Montenegro in 2017 became the 29th member of NATO. The STS is the leader of the local Orthodox and one of the public authorities of the country.

For President claim seven candidates. According to analysts of the region and the opinion polls, the absolute favorite is five times held the post of Prime Minister, once a former defense Minister and President, the head of the ruling Democratic party of socialists Milo Djukanovic, who actually is in power in Montenegro since 1991. Its main competitor is the economist and former Deputy of the national Assembly (Parliament), nominated from the opposition parties in the Democratic front (DF), «Democrats», the Socialist people’s party and URA Mladen Bojanic.

The second round of voting can take place after 14 days, if no single candidate gets more than half of the votes.