Moskalkova: the Russians positively perceive the situation with human rights

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The Russians have become more positive to perceive the situation in the field of human rights, said Russian Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Monday, the Ombudsman submitted to the head of state his annual report on the activities in the field of human rights protection, according to the Kremlin website. At the meeting she confirmed that the structure of complaints received by the Commissioner, remains the same.

«If we combine the labor, health and education, in the first place come social problems like last year. But I must say that in the public mind has somewhat stabilized and improved the situation,» — said Moskalkova, quoted the Kremlin website.

This trend, she said, is monitored, and requests to the Ombudsman, and according to polls by the public opinion Foundation, «which shows that people’s attitudes to human rights have either stabilized, that is, it is more positive than negative, or even improved».

She recalled that at the last meeting raised a number of problematic issues related to foreign currency mortgage holders, labor relations, difficulties of registration of the former Ukrainian military personnel in Crimea, Baikonur.

«I want to tell that at your disposal all the issues have been resolved positively,» — said Moskalkova, referring to the President.