Students studying abroad, help to find a job in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Vyacheslav Corticosterone one of the universities. Archival photoStudents studying abroad, help to find a job in Russia© RIA Novosti / Vyacheslav Karatygin

Russia is interested in the return of the students-compatriots studying abroad, said the experts, presenting the project «Highly Likely Welcome Back, or go home!» They are ready to translate into Russian universities and to help with employment.

The new project deals largely with launch in 2017 in Russia large-scale program for the development of the digital economy, said the head of Department on work with compatriots, youth and regional cooperation of Rossotrudnichestvo Olga evko. One of the important directions of the program is training.

«The project is «Highly Likely Welcome Back, or go home!» will be probably the first step in the creation of an ecosystem for the digital economy of our country. As we know, domestic politics in several countries in Europe, in particular, often has a pronounced anti-Russian character. We are compelled to note the negative impact of russophobian sentiment in the activities of our compatriots who deliberately narrow them opportunities for self-realization», — said the representative of Rossotrudnichestvo.

According to the Dean of the faculty of policy and administration, MGIMO-University, Henry Sardaryan, the University intends to create a comprehensive structure for Russians studying in the UK. «We believe it is necessary now to create the necessary infrastructure to enable them to return home», — he said.

He explained that undergraduate students can transfer to Department of management and policy of MGIMO, said that the quality of education students just do not lose. For those who are not very fluent in the Russian language there is an English program, said the Dean.

The entire translation process in Russian universities will be done as comfortably as possible, without bureaucratic red tape for students.

Russia is interested in talented people return home, said Sardaryan.

The head of the Russian community «Peractum», Deputy Chairman for entrepreneurship of the Russian Association of students on the development of science and education Oleg Mansurov, in turn, noted that problems with employment in Russia students and graduates will not.

«In our case, demand exceeds supply. Many vacancies in the areas that are associated with digital transformation, big data, artificial intelligence and other technological platforms. About 120 thousands of developers we need for the economy every year,» said Mansurov.

To every student and qualified practitioner is an individual approach to building a career in Russia, said evko.