The former Prime Minister of Japan expects the resignation of Shinzo Abe

© AFP 2018 / Behrouz Megidramon Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. Archival photoThe former Prime Minister of Japan expects the resignation of Shinzo Abe© 2018 AFP / Behrouz Mehri

Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi expects the resignation of the current head of the Japanese government Shinzo Abe in connection with the drop in its rating and the scandal around the sale of a private company for a pittance of state land.

«The situation became very dangerous. Abe’s going to go, maybe to the end of the current session of Parliament (ends June 20 — ed.),» said Koizumi in a Monday interview on the website of the popular magazine AERA.

According to the former Prime Minister, at the election of the leader of the liberal democratic party in September for the third time Abe not to go. «This will have an impact on the elections to the upper house next year… For Abe it’s a bad election,» said Koizumi.

On Saturday in Tokyo, a rally was held with the participation of about 50 thousand people under the slogan «Abe resign!», «For peace!», «No changes to the ninth article of the Constitution!». Agency Kyodo the next day published the rating of the government of Japan, headed by Shinzo Abe, who fell to 37%.

The main frustration cause repeated reports of the Japanese media about the possible involvement of Abe and his wife Akie, as well as Finance Minister Taro ASO frauds related to buying of public land for a private school at a conservative price as well as the discovery of documents on the activities of the Japan self-defense forces in Iraq, whose existence was previously denied by the Japanese Ministry of defense.