The office of public Prosecutor of Yakutia checks the data about the strike of firemen

© RIA Novosti / Gennady Checkinputarray machine. Archival photoThe office of public Prosecutor of Yakutia checks the data about the strike of firemen© RIA Novosti / Gennady Shishkin

The office of public Prosecutor of Yakutia began checking after it appeared in media about the hunger strike of members of the fire Department number 10 village Kangalassy. Such measures fire came from-for violations of their labor rights, said the Prosecutor of the Republic.

«Will assess the correctness of payroll, including overtime, of non-execution of court decisions on provision of workers with means of individual protection, as material equipment, completeness of financing activities and other issues,» — said the Prosecutor of the Republic.

As the press service of the head of Yakutia, declared a hunger strike on Monday met representatives of the interdepartmental government working group. According to local authorities, employees of the fire in the open letter said the lack of seasonal clothing and low wages.

«The parties have reached agreement on the formation of the action plan. In particular, will be made a comprehensive analysis of the situation and consider providing additional funds for uniforms and payment of the 13th salary to those employees who have not received»,- the press-service.

The head of Yakutia Goskomrezerva assured the firefighters that there are no sanctions, unscheduled certifications and inspections to the instigators of the promotion will not apply. Following the discussion, the fire Department has informed that subject to the inclusion in the Protocol of all issues discussed, they stop the hunger strike and continue work in normal mode, added in the press-service.

According to the authorities of the Republic, in part employs more than 20 people. The average wage is 30-35 thousand rubles. For 5 years the employees were involved in 12 fires and fires, last year the village occurred two fires. Load the firehouse in Kangalassy is much less than in Yakutsk or other large settlements of the Republic.