The Roscosmos has no plans to unite manufacturers of different types of missiles

© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiye in fotomontaggi of the state Corporation Roscosmos. Archival photoThe Roscosmos has no plans to unite manufacturers of different types of missiles© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiyi the image Bank

Roscosmos and the Ministry was not involved in the formation of scenarios combining civil and military manufacturers of missiles, it is necessary to continue working in the existing organizational structure, the head of the scientific-technical Council of state Corporation «Roscosmos» Yuri Koptev.

«No, at least officially, neither Roscosmos nor the Corporation did not participate in the discussion and especially in creating such a script. In this context, attention is called different organizations, but apparently none of them participant in this process was not», — he noted in interview «news».

«We need to continue to operate normally in the already adopted organizational structure. Because each such reform emboss all at least two years,» he added.

According to Koptev, called in the media the Corporation «Tactical missiles», «Almaz-Antey», «RTI Systems» and the «Roskosmos» were not the initiators and advocated a joint Association.

«All of these organizations and companies is irrelevant to the idea of unification have not. Maybe, of course, there are some high matter, to which we are not allowed, and something we don’t know,» said Koptev.

The head of the scientific and technical Council of Roscosmos said that all the designated media enterprise engaged in different issues and have different expertise in their own niches, so their effective unification would be highly controversial.