Tokyo stock exchange responded poorly to the news of missile strikes in Syria

© RIA Novosti / Galina to Bataapati in fotobanka the Tokyo stock exchange. Archival photoTokyo stock exchange responded poorly to the news of missile strikes in Syria© RIA Novosti / Galina to Bataapati the image Bank

The securities market in Tokyo on Monday morning responded poorly to the news about the missile strikes the US, UK and France in Syria, the stock price slightly continued to rise, reports the Agency Kyodo.

According to him, the key Nikkei index, reflecting dynamics of stock quotes of 225 leading companies of Japan, at the opening of the stock exchange rose by 38.76 points, or 0.18% — to the level 21817,50.

Index Topix, fixing quotations of securities of all companies represented in the prestigious first section, increased by 2.45 points, or on 0,14% — to the level 1731,81.

The dollar strengthened, with the U.S. currency on Monday morning was worth to Tokyo 107,51 — 107,52 yen, slightly higher than in the evening Friday, when the dollar was worth 107,64 — 107,65 yen.

The US, Britain and France on the morning of 14 April, launched missile strikes on Syrian government facilities that, in their opinion, are used to produce chemical weapons. With 3.42 5.10 MSK MSK before they fired on Syria more than 100 rockets, most of which was shot down by Syrian air defense. Russian forces were not involved, but kept track of all the triggers. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the strikes an act of aggression against a sovereign state, despite the fact that no Russian military experts or local residents did not support a finding of a chemical attack became the pretext for attacks.