Agreed with the Treasury departments of corrections about homeowners insurance from the disaster, media reported

© Photo : telegram-channel SK Harushenie the collapse of the ceiling in the apartment in Yekaterinburg. February 16, 2018Agreed with the Treasury departments of corrections about homeowners insurance from the disaster, media reported© Photo : telegram-channel RF IC

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation agreed with the agencies of the amendments on insurance of property of citizens from emergencies, writes on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant».

According to the newspaper, according to the latest version of the project, with minimal configuration to insure will only complete loss of housing, but the regions will be able to expand protection. State aid in the form of dwelling will not be a basis for refusal in insurance payment, the reimbursement will be possible to obtain both money and housing. Russian national reinsurance company (Republic popular) will be reinsured 95% of the risk for the full loss of housing.

First reading of the draft took place in 2015. According to the head of the Finance Committee of the state Duma Anatoly Aksakov, in may, the document can be considered in the second reading. Project insurance is based «on the principle of voluntary participation of citizens», but the minimum obligation of the insurer established by the government. Previously it was assumed that the Federal minimum risk of loss of the dwelling by a disaster will amount to 300 thousand rubles, but you can only get it at the total destruction of housing, the newspaper said.

Requirements to the terms and conditions of insurance and the method of calculation of insurance tariffs establish a Central Bank. The policy of the Federal minimum can cost 300 rubles per year. The bill requires the creation of a unified database on contracts of insurance, insurance claims and payments, the operator will be all-Russian Union of insurers.

The regions will be able to develop their insurance programs that take into account additional risks. The region will establish your participation in them. Ceiling damage can be calculated from the square average price per square meter in the subject, location, height, material and year of construction of housing by the method which is approved by the government. Insurance payments will be included in utility bills.

It is noted that if the government will take the decision to help the citizen, it will not be the basis for refusal in insurance payment, but if the insured receives from state housing, the right to demand payment from the insurer will go to the region. The redemption of the fit residues is not applicable. Those who refuse to participate in the insurance, the state will help only rental housing: the poor — social and other — commercial.