Company «O, Matras!» expands the list of factories-partners

© Photo : courtesy omatras.icompany O, Matras! expands the list of factories-partnersCompany «O, Matras!» expands the list of factories-partners© Photo : courtesy

One of the largest shops sleeping goods «O, Matras!»* expands the list of factories-partners.

In the list of suppliers now includes more than 30 well-known Russian and foreign manufacturers. A certificate confirming the status of the official representative of the store you can see on the website of the company.

According to representatives of the «O, Matras!», they work in your segment of the market in 2003, introducing into the domestic life of the consumer, the European retail standards. One of the requirements necessary for the implementation of this initiative is the conclusion of the partnership with the greatest number of trusted manufacturers.

Thus, the store manages to cover a wide target audience, and the consumer can choose a mattress suitable price range — from cheap models with a dependent spring block and practical springless models premium mattresses with natural latex and springs S2000. In addition, healthy competition among producers, collected in the pages of the store, encourages them to improve the quality of products and attract the customers interesting promotions.

However, the wide, constantly updated assortment is not all that is needed to retain consumer demand. It was noted that the retailer itself has to create optimal conditions for selection, purchase and delivery of goods to the final consumer.

Shop «O, Matras!» has its own warehouses and trading platforms, carrying out deliveries of orders directly from objects factories-partners. This gives you the opportunity to refuse the additional charges and in the end to offer all products at the most affordable, the factory value without extra charge.

Positively on the demand and the trust of customers affected by the refusal of the payment. Making online order and execute the delivery at the address, now the customers can pay for their purchases after their direct examination.

The status of the official dealer of a large number of factories opened up new perspectives. First, it is the clients access to current store promotions and seasonal sales. Second, access to non-standard products. Finally, compliance with official warranty, exchange and return any purchase.

With a catalog of products and manufacturers can be found by visiting the online shop «O, Matras!».

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