Expert: Russia stands at a long way of development of private space

© Photo : official website of JSC «RSC «Energia» them. S. P. Korolev»Platform to launch missiles in the framework of the project Sea launch. Archive photoExpert: Russia stands at a long way of development of private space© Photo : official website of JSC «RSC «Energia» them. S. P. Korolev»

Russia after the closing of the floating cosmodrome «Sea launch» have entered the path of development of private space exploration, it has a long development, however, the technological potential of the country able to provide its presence in deep space the next few decades, according to a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Andrei Ionin.

Earlier, the head of S7 Space Sergey Sopov said in an interview with RIA Novosti that the deal to buy «Sea launch» is closed.

«As our wise strategic partners, the Chinese, even the longest journey starts with the first step. Many spoke of the need of occurrence in Russia private space, referring to the American experience and the event which occurred when the transaction took place, and a truly unique sea launch site became the property of the Russian private company, this is the first step, which begins this way», — told RIA Novosti the Jonas.

According to him, the S7, which came out of the business, has yet to prove that she is capable and worthy to engage in space industry, «which in our country has special meaning.»

The idea for decades

Jonas believes that the idea of the company about the creation of orbital spaceport at the International space station will be able to occupy the Russian space industry over the next several decades. In addition, the development of such orbital transport hub should, according to the expert, be a window for mankind into deep space.

«It is very important that they look far into the future. Because it’s their idea about orbital spaceport, on the establishment of a space transportation system «near space-deep space» is the idea for decades, even I would say, about fifty years. This is a serious idea, which will largely determine the future of the Russian rocket and space industry, and the future for space,» added Jonas.

He compared the creation of such system with the creation of the first space rockets in 50-ies of the last century. If the missiles needed to send a man into space, and now orbital spaceport need to get to the moon, Mars and more distant planets.

The necessary technological breakthrough

To implement the idea of the orbital spaceport Russia will need to create space tugs operating on nuclear energy. They will not appear if simply scaling existing technologies for their implementation will require technological breakthroughs in the field of nuclear energy. «Creating space tugs using nuclear energy is really a breakthrough technology, if Russia would make it, and we have to do now is the best starting conditions will ensure that for decades Russia’s presence in space, and as a key player,» said Jonas.

According to him, to create such tugs will be possible without the involvement of a significant number of resources.

«Spending a small amount of resources creating these nuclear tugs, we will ensure that we are the key and necessary response to future space programs. It is as fashionable now to speak to an asymmetric response. We can’t spend tens of billions of dollars, as our current ISS partners, but creating such breakthrough technologies and creating such a transport system, we will solve the task», — said the expert.

«And the main task in the development of outer space is to ensure technological development of the country and the second task, she, a politically-mental, to provide a decent presence of Russia in the far space,» added Jonas.