For the first time in 100 years on the cruiser «Aurora» divine Liturgy

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Galleryparty in fotobanka Cruiser Aurora in St. PetersburgFor the first time in 100 years on the cruiser «Aurora» divine Liturgy© RIA Novosti / Alexander Galleryparty the image Bank

On the cruiser «Aurora», the Church of Nicholas of Myra, April 15 for the first time in 100 years was the divine Liturgy is spoken in the message on the website of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The service was led by the rector of the Church of St. Nicholas on Dolgoozernaya street of Saint Petersburg, Chairman of the Commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation for charity, Archpriest Alexander Tkachenko. At the Liturgy prayed the students of the Nakhimov naval school, the crew members and the command of the ship.

«These people have a solid Christian Orthodox worldview, and they came to the service because prayer to God is an important part of their inner spiritual life,» — said Tkachenko.

According to the priest, now serving in the temple on the cruiser «Aurora» will be held regularly.

«It’s certainly not a parish Church, there can not be coming all the residents. This temple, located on Board a military unit, ship of the Baltic fleet. Basically, the services will involve members of the crew and command of the ship, as well as the students of the Nakhimov naval school», — said the Archpriest.

Commenting on the historical significance of the first 100 years of the Liturgy in the cruiser «Aurora», father Alexander called past service act of historical reconciliation. «With the «Aurora» was associated the beginning of the revolution. <…> During the Liturgy, a prayer of remembrance of all those who were on the red side, and those who were on the side of the whites, and those who saw the future of the country in continuation of the former regime and those who wanted to change the system. Perhaps, for Orthodox people it is an act of historical reconciliation between people of different views and different classes.»