In Moscow are expected rains and warm weather

© Photo : Sergey Misencoded in Moscow. Archive photoIn Moscow are expected rains and warm weather© Photo : Sergey Lisenkov

The rains and warm weather to plus 21 degrees is expected in Moscow on Tuesday, told RIA Novosti in Central weather «Phobos».

«In the second part of the day, the weather will begin to deteriorate, affect the impact of the cyclone from the West Atlantic origin. Therefore charge the rains gradually increasing toward evening. The temperature has time to rise to plus 19-21 in the capital region is 18-23 degrees, which is an anomaly to this time of year», — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to forecasters, on Tuesday in the capital will be blowing South-West and West wind, whose speed will be 4-9 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will fall and will be 745 mm Hg.