In the United States simulated a nuclear explosion near the White house

Scientists from the Polytechnic University of Virginia have simulated the explosion of the atomic bomb in downtown Washington. Video «disaster» published on the YouTube channel of the journal Science Magazine.

In the video reproduced by the explosion of five kilograms of highly enriched uranium. According to the scenario, a bomb fell into the hands of terrorists who were disguised as ordinary delivery van and was just a few blocks from the White house.

In comments to the video the scientists described in detail the anticipated consequences of an explosion: casualties, damaged buildings, blackouts, the spread of radiation.

«Instantly the most part of the city disappears in a nuclear fireball the size of two-thirds of what was covered Hiroshima, Japan,» reads the description of the computer simulation.

Simulating a nuclear explosion, scientists have created a detailed map of the us capital with a virtual population. Video plays a variety of behaviors of people in an emergency: a panic, trying to track down family members to find shelter. Dynamics of change in these behavioral models is also shown in the video. This takes into account the irrational actions of the population, for example, ignoring calls to evacuate.

The video also shows how to minimize the damage from the alleged accident.

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