In Yerevan, the opposition will take the rally to the government building

© Sputnik / Asatur to Esasperate in photomontage of opposition protests in Yerevan. 16 APR 2018In Yerevan, the opposition will take the rally to the government building© Sputnik / Asatur to Esasperate the image Bank

Armenian opposition is conducting a protest against the election of ex-President Serzh Sargsyan, Prime Minister, will take your meeting from square of France to the Republic square opposite the government building, told reporters the leader of the action Nikol Pashinyan.

«You have to fill Republic square. I hope that our rally, which will start at 18.30 (17.30 GMT), will be the most crowded in history,» said Pashinyan.

Previously, he announced the beginning of the country non-violent «velvet revolution» and blocking buildings of state agencies. Now the protesters are in the government buildings, where a number of ministries, including the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Located near embassies of Russia, France and Italy.

In these moments in the building of the Armenian Parliament held a special meeting to discuss the issue of the election of Sargsyan as Prime Minister.

The protesters, led by Pashinyan, on Monday tried to break through to the Parliament building. Police pushed the protesters, resulting in dozens of people injured. They paralyzed traffic in the center of the Armenian capital.

The ninth of April, the President-elect of Armenia Armen Sargsyan after taking office, has accepted the resignation of the government. The dissolution of the Cabinet on the day of the inauguration of the new President provides the transitional provisions of the reformed Constitution. In the future, the government will automatically resign only after the parliamentary and not presidential elections. After the election of the Prime Minister within five days the President shall be submitted to the members of the government, and a 15-day period should be formed two thirds of the Cabinet. The ruling coalition has put forward Sargsyan as Prime Minister.

The national Assembly of Armenia elected on March 2, the new Sargsyan, the fourth President of the country. After the completion of the presidential term of the former President Sargsyan came into force the new text of the Constitution, according to which the power is concentrated in the hands of the Parliament and government, and the functions of the President which will be elected by the Parliament, will be representative.