Mironov urged the Telegram and the authorities agree on cooperation

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in fotoreceptor the political party just Russia Sergei Mironov. archival photoMironov urged the Telegram and the authorities agree on cooperation© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

The head of the party «Fair Russia» Sergey Mironov called on the Russian authorities and representatives of Telegram messenger to negotiate cooperation and to find a compromise.

On Monday, Roskomnadzor sent to the operators information about restricting access to a Telegram in accordance with the decision of the court. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the lock must be completed within 24 hours. Also Roskomnadzor began legally significant correspondence with all the app stores about the removal of Telegram. The founder of the messenger, Pavel Durov noted that the Telegram will use built-in methods to bypass locks which don’t require action from users.

«I don’t want to even discuss the possibility of bypassing locks. The law is the law, it should be observed. But the question remains: was everything done in order not to reach extreme measures to find a compromise? Apparently, nothing was done or nothing. The parties to the conflict chose language of ultimatums. The principles of no compromise. And suffer as a result millions of users with the convenience of the service», — quotes Mironov’s press service.

The leader of the socialist party stressed that the Telegram is a high-tech domestic product, which quickly gained worldwide recognition. «The creators of Telegram and representatives of the Russian authorities speak the same language. Could negotiate, and dialogue is possible even now, after the court decision. Encourage all stakeholders to demonstrate professionalism and responsibility to negotiate and, finally, about the cooperation», — said the politician.

Mironov is convinced that compromise is possible, «to and privacy of communication of law-abiding citizens have not been questioned, and the special services could in accordance with the law and complying with all procedures to obtain the information necessary to combat crime».