MOE said that the TC is «Winter cherry» was originally designed as a trap

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Patrinorama in photobacteria shopping center Winter cherry in KemerovoMOE said that the TC is «Winter cherry» was originally designed as a trap© RIA Novosti / Alexander Patrinorama the image Bank

Emergency workers could not extinguish the burning shopping center «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo large number of fire barrels in front of the façade, the building was originally designed as a trap, said at a press-conference acting Director of readiness of forces and special fire protection of EMERCOM of Russia Maxim Maksimenko.

Fire in four-storey shopping centre, «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo took place on 25 March, killing 64 people, including 41 children. In the main, failed to get out of those who were at the cinemas. The number of victims of the Kemerovo fire — one of the four largest for 100 years.

«You have to understand that the structural elements of this building does not imply the possibility of extinguishing a large number of trunks. As noted earlier, it was structurally conceived trap,» said Maximenko.

He noted that «none of the garrison of fire protection in such a situation could not professionally handle and guarantee the removal of such a large number of people.» In addition, Maksimenko has rejected appearing in the social networks of the accusations against the firefighters that arrived at the shopping center while they did not start to extinguish the fire.

«People need to understand what is coming, employees of fire protection could not be assured that this building could not be their children. When rumor of the opinion that the fire stood, smiled and walked to the fire, ostensibly because no one was there… Kemerovo is a small town. Our employee’s Main Department for the Kemerovo there is also the child died. Children of firefighters at that time were also in the Mall had been evacuated, have evacuated. In Kemerovo against them due to negative information is deployed, you might even say bullying. Neither firefighter was not sure that his mother, father or child is in the cinema. No one stood and watched. All acted professionally and clearly,» said Maximenko.

He also noted that, in accordance with the requirements of combat of the Charter of the emergency, firefighters could not put people into a burning building. «If our employees have violated the requirements of military Charter and would have allowed relatives, we would have had no 64 the victim, plus one for each victim of the relatives. We have had more than 130 of the victims», he concluded.

MOE said that the TC is «Winter cherry» was originally designed as a trap© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka in a shopping Mall in Kemerovo