The authorities of Tuva told about the state of the intoxicated adolescent

© Depositphotos / sudok1В the hospital. Archival photoThe authorities of Tuva told about the state of the intoxicated adolescent© Depositphotos / sudok1

As the teenagers poisoned by an unknown substance in Tuva, is not life-threatening, reported by the authorities of the Republic with reference to the head of the region Sholban Kara-ool.

Earlier, the SK reported that nine teenagers were taken to hospital in Tuva after poisoning with alcohol-containing liquid, five are in serious condition. Investigators started checking, installed place of purchase of counterfeit alcohol. According to Ministry of health of the Republic, the first child was admitted to ICU from the village of Torgalyg Ulug-Khem district on Tuesday morning. The second call came later in the car took eight boys of 2003-2004 years of birth. As the five teenagers is estimated as stably heavy, four boys stable.

«The fact of poisoning of children in the village of Torgalyg, report, countrymen, that the condition of the guys are not threatened for life. Three children are in the toxicology Department, the two put in the Republican children’s hospital. But I don’t see a reason to soothe. You need to consult with the best specialists and to provide adequate medical care», — the press service quoted the words of Kara-oola.

According to him, an examination of the substance that had poisoned teenagers.

«The expertise of the substance that had poisoned the children, carried. Expected results. Previously, a bottle of liquid was found by third graders at site a vacant house, then the liquid gets into the hands of older children,» — said the head of the Republic. He demanded to thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the incident.